2014 Rehearsal and Concert Schedule Updated

2014The rehearsal and concert schedule for the remainder of 2014 has now been updated and can be accessed HERE. This schedule will be periodically updated on the JOIN page of the DVYM website. Please be sure to add these dates to your diaries!

On the JOIN page you will also find an updated list of all our current vacancies. If you know anyone interested in fulfilling these vacancies, please encourage them to attend a rehearsal where they’ll be welcome to join us.

Please note that the DVYM autumn term starts again on Thursday 11th September 2014 (for Ukulele Orchestra) , Friday 12th September 2014 (for Minims, Phoenix, and Improv) and Saturday 13th September 2014 (for Enterprise and Concert Band). In the meantime, have a great summer break and enjoy your holidays!

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