The Clef Factor

Last Saturday saw the culmination of our summer-long music competition- The Clef Factor. Everyone had taken home an instrument at the beginning of July and had until the 20th of September to learn as best they could before an X-factor style talent contest took place.

Loads of our wonderful musicians took part and each had their turn under the spotlight and the critical gaze of our guest judges (Duncan and Margaret). Everyone played spectacularly and each performance was more unexpected than the last (apparently Max had only started the sax that afternoon!). The individual performances, both in the Youth and Adult categories, culminated in getting everyone back on stage for a group rendition of a Queen medley- at least I think it was Queen…

At the end of the night, however, the judges gave their final verdict on the winners. Many congratulations to:

  • Youth Category 1st Prize- Harry on the Pocket Trumpet.
  • Youth Category 2nd Prize- Sarah on Piano and Alex on Clarinet
  • Adult Category Winner- Sandra Drake on the Soprano Sax
  • Best Teacher- Rachel

And then we all went and stuffed our faces with refreshments, cakes and sausage rolls courtesy of the lovely Sarah Sexton and Sandra Drake. Overall, much fun was had!

Finally, is with great honour that I can present to you part of a winning performance from Harry- enjoy!

P.s. You might have noticed that the website has had a bit of a makeover recently. Please let me know what you think- constructive criticism also welcome!

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