We Need You(r Rubbish)!

For reasons and purposes mysterious, we need a large amount of scrap for our forthcoming DVYM social night. Please, please, please drop any of the below into band this weekend, or to the Drake household. I’m literally begging!

Look at it like this: I’m volunteering to take your rubbish up the tip for you when we’ve finished with it. How can you say no?

We may need any of the following, or anything else you think is interesting as long as it is clean and has no sharp edges! Think Blue Peter….

– Tubs (ice cream, butter etc)

– Tubes (from wrapping paper and kitchen roll- not bog-roll thank you very much)

– Large elastic bands

– Old brooms

– Pasta

– Tape of any sort.

– Sheets of plastic.

– Buckets

– Old baking trays

– Felt

– Plastic piping

– Wooden boxes or pallets

– Ridged plastic bottles.

– Large, two litre plastic bottles

– Some glass bottles

– Chopsticks

And if you’re curious to find out what we’ll do with all this then you should come along! All I can say is that is going to be a proper laugh. Don’t miss out! Tickets from Sandra.

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