Friends of DVYM

Hi all,

We’re launching a new scheme for September ’17 to both drum up some more support for the band and also reward our faithful donors. Friends of DVYM will be non-playing members of the organisation and will receive a termly newsletter and yearly chairperson’s report. They will also have reserved seats at all our concerts and (resources willing) we may even be able to throw the odd party in their honour!

Click here to find out more about becoming a Friend!

Many thanks!

We Need You(r Rubbish)!

For reasons and purposes mysterious, we need a large amount of scrap for our forthcoming DVYM social night. Please, please, please drop any of the below into band this weekend, or to the Drake household. I’m literally begging!

Look at it like this: I’m volunteering to take your rubbish up the tip for you when we’ve finished with it. How can you say no?

We may need any of the following, or anything else you think is interesting as long as it is clean and has no sharp edges! Think Blue Peter….

– Tubs (ice cream, butter etc)

– Tubes (from wrapping paper and kitchen roll- not bog-roll thank you very much)

– Large elastic bands

– Old brooms

– Pasta

– Tape of any sort.

– Sheets of plastic.

– Buckets

– Old baking trays

– Felt

– Plastic piping

– Wooden boxes or pallets

– Ridged plastic bottles.

– Large, two litre plastic bottles

– Some glass bottles

– Chopsticks

And if you’re curious to find out what we’ll do with all this then you should come along! All I can say is that is going to be a proper laugh. Don’t miss out! Tickets from Sandra.


Hi everyone,

Here’s a cheeky flashback all the way back to 2016 (3 whole weeks ago) when some of the band went carolling in Sevenoaks town centre. Not only did they play some great music, but they also raised nearly £120 for Crisis!

Here are some great pictures of the performers in action. Points if you can spot the fantastic photoshopping by Mike Robinson 😉

Merry Xmas to all and to all a Goodnight!

Well done to all for a fantastic Christmas concert last week. The bands all played brilliantly and it was wonderful to showcase all the hard work of the last term!

That’s all now until the 12th,13th or 14th of January depending on which bands you play in.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!


The Organ (IotW)

The organ is often called the King of Instruments, and in America everything has to be bigger!  So the largest organ ever built is in America at the Boardwalk Hall Auditorium Organ in Atlantic City, New Jersey. 
The organ has four entries in the Guinness World Records including “Largest pipe organ ever constructed”, “Largest musical instrument ever constructed” and “Loudest musical instrument ever constructed”. It is one of only two organs in the world to have a 64-foot rank (ie a set of pipes with the longest being 64ft or 20m long), and the only organ to have stops voiced on 100 inches of wind pressure (about 3.6 psi) needed due to the shear size of the hall. Its console features seven manuals (keyboards) and 1,235 stops.  Compare this to the organ at Lullingstone which has a short keyboard and only 5 stops!
Although the instrument has not been fully functional since the 1944 Great Atlantic Hurricane, it is currently under restoration and was played in September 2013 at its first public performance in 40 years.  About half the organ has been restored, but it is expected to take a futher 10 years to complete the restoration.
The photo below shows the console.  Google will give you further pictures of the hall and organ. 
The console of the Boardwalk Hall Auditorium Organ in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The largest pipe organ in the world.
Article by Alan Saunders. Thanks Alan!
If you know of a an awesome instrument you could write a few words about, or even just send us a link to a video of it being played, drop me a line at

Music on the Vine ’16

Well done to all who played at the Vine bandstand last week: we made a great sound and by the end there was quite an audience! Special thanks go to our expert box-rattlers who managed to con- *ahem* I mean convince the spectators to dig deep to help with the band funds.

There are some photos of the event which I have now uploaded to the gallery.

I leave you with this personal favourite, which I call “Majestic crane takes flight.”