(IotW) The Nyckelharpa

The Nyckelharpa really cool sounding folk instrument from Sweden:

As the marvelous Griselda explains, it is one of the only keyed bowed instruments in the world. Its extra strings give it a cool natural reverb effect.

You might think “Wow, I’ve never heard of that!” but its an instrument that’s gaining popularity due to its unique sound- we even have two nyckelharpa players in Eynsford!



Instrument of the Week

From today, all our members are invited to write a post for our website about an instrument of their choice. It can be a popular instrument (e.g. trumpet, guitar) or something a bit weirder (e.g. the humble nose-flute), but it must be interesting! You don’t have to write loads about it, but please include some facts, pictures and videos.

Please submit your posts to me at drakej@live.co.uk and each week, I’ll pick one and publish it!

Happy writings!



Christmas Concert

Dear all,

Well done for a fantastic concert! We’ve had so many lovely comments from people who came to watch and its clear they were impressed.

I’ve put some photos up on the gallery for you (email me for the password) and here’s a little snippet of the climatic moment from ‘Into the Storm’ as played by Concert Band.

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all,



Massive apologies, wordpress deceived me and I thought I had just posted that on my own personal blog!

If you still want to have a read then feel free by clicking here, and if not then sorry to have bothered you on such a fine sunny day.

That was just yet another example of me embarrassing myself, I’m afraid.

Please continue having a nice holiday,



Here’s to another 10 years!

Many thanks to everyone who organised, played at and/or attended our 10 year celebrations last Sunday. A great time was had by all and it was fantastic to see (and play alongside) so many old faces!

I have put a selection of pictures and videos from the event on the Gallery and Video Gallery pages respectively. Apologies for all the crackling on the recordings- it was a windy day!

Many thanks to Cllr Roger Gough for the Kent County Council Member Grant which allowed us to hire that great stage for the day!