Autumn 2019

Term dates are given Thursday/Friday/Saturday for the various groups:

  • Thursday – Ukes and Vocal Ensemble
  • Friday – Phoenix beginners and Phoenix
  • Saturday – Enterprise and Concert Band

Sept 12/13/14 – First sessions of term

Sept 28 – First Percussion Workshop, 11.45 – 12.45, Eynsford.  First of three workshops  open to all members with places booked through Sandra. Refreshments at 11.30 for those continuing on from Concert Band.

October 5 – Second Percussion Workshop, 11.45- 12.45, Eynsford.

October 12 – Last Percussion Workshop, 11.45-12.45, Eynsford. Short performance to parents at the end of the session.

October 17/18/19 – Last sessions before half term

October 19 – Busking with James, 12pm, Sevenoaks.

To quote James: We’ll play some modern tunes (with sheet music) and split any coins that the public deign to donate.
This is open to anyone over Grade 3 as the sight-reading can be a little challenging otherwise. There will be a rehearsal the night before in Eynsford. Busking is always fun and people love hearing a live band!  

October 26 (during half term) – Remembrance rehearsal 9.30-11.00am, Eynsford.

Oct 31/Nov 1/Nov 2 – First sessions after half term

November 9 – Remembrance rehearsal  9.30-11.00am, Eynsford.  (Enterprise rehearsal will be shorter finishing at 9.30am).

November 10 – Remembrance Service, Eynsford, time tbc.

November 22 – Open Mic Night, 7.30pm, Eynsford.

December 5/6/7 – Last sessions of Autumn term.

December 8 – Christmas concert, 3pm-5pm, Eynsford.

December 21 – Christmas Busking with James, 2pm, Sevenoaks.

 …this time we play traditional Christmas tunes and carols. Any money raised will go to charity. Rehearsal the day before. Open to G3+. 

Please Note: Concert times are intended as a guide and are often subject to change. In particular, player meet times are often 20-30 minutes earlier and will be emailed out ahead of each event. We generally try to keep to the rehearsal schedule on Saturdays where the event follows morning rehearsals, but this too will be confirmed ahead of each event.