Member’s Area

Welcome to your band new and shiny member’s area. Here we will post rehearsal schedules, term dates and everything else you need to know to be in the know.
Last updated, March 22nd 2019

See the Calendar Page for the significant dates such as first and last dates of term, concerts and committee meetings. These dates are also listed on the Diary to the right.

 Spring 2019 Term

Term dates are given Thursday/Friday/Saturday for the various groups:

  • Thursday – Ukes and Vocal Ensemble
  • Friday – Minims and Phoenix
  • Saturday – Concert Band

Enterprise and Concert Band are currently combined into a single session on Saturday morning, 9.30 – 11.00 and will remain so this term, Jan 2019.
The full list of term dates for Spring 2019 are available here: Spring Summer term dates 2019.

March 24th – Spring Concert to be held at St. Martin’s Church, Eynsford, 3–5pm. Please let your conductor know if you are unable to make this event.

Details for the Spring Concert :

Phoenix –  please arrive at 1.45pm for a sound check at 2.00pm.  Please drop off band members and then leave, doors will open at 2.30pm. Please respect this timing as it is impossible for us to set up with people milling around.
All other bands please arrive no later than 2.45pm
Band members need to be in uniform; DVYM shirt, black trousers/skirt, black socks & shoes (no trainers please).  Let Sandra know if you need a DVYM shirt before Sunday please.
On arrival, band members need to go to the very back of the church and find a spot to unpack their instrument, it will remain there for the duration. Ensure that your instrument is in good playing condition ie. greased/oiled/cleaned and that you have a spare reed if you play a wind instrument.

April 4/5/6 – last sessions before Easter

Summer 2019 Term

After Easter, Minims is moving to Saturday mornings 9am–9.45am and Concert Band will then run 10am — 11.30am.

Term dates are given Thursday/Friday/Saturday for the various groups:

  • Thursday – Ukes and Vocal Ensemble
  • Friday – Phoenix
  • Saturday – Minims and Concert Band

April 25/26/27 –  First sessions of the Summer Term. Note, new day for Minims and new times for Concert Band.

May 8th – Committee Meeting, 7.30pm

May 23/24/25 – Last sessions before May Half Term

May 27th Bank Holiday Monday – Concert band play Otford Village fete, time tbc.

June 6/7/8 – First sessions after May Half Term

June 8 – Farningham Fete, Farningham Village Hall, time tbc.

June 22 – Phoenix play Anthony Roper Primary School fair, time tbc

June 23 – Vine Bandstand, Sevenoaks, 3-5pm.

July 4/5/6 – Final sessions of the Summer Term

Please leave a comment if you have any queries.

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  1. You have to click on the word “here” where it says “Term dates for Spring and Summer 2017 are now available here.” Trust you, Jack 😉

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