Member’s Area

Welcome to your band new and shiny member’s area. Here we will post rehearsal schedules, term dates and everything else you need to know to be in the know.
Last updated, July 9th 2019

  • Summer 2019 Events – term dates and events as a list.
  • Restart dates for Sept are 12/13/14 Sept for Vocal and Ukes/Phoenix/Minims-Enterprise and Concert Band.  All times remain the same unless advised by email from Sandra!
  • Calendar Page  – for the significant dates such as first and last dates of term, concerts and committee meetings. These dates are also listed on the sticky Diary Dates to the right.
  • Spring Summer term dates 2019  – the full list of term dates for Spring and Summer 2019 (document)


Please leave a comment if you have any queries.

4 thoughts on “Member’s Area

  1. Hi Ella, thanks and sorry for the mix-up. I’ve contacted Sandra to confirm and it is Phoenix. I’ve updated the calendar but it may take an hour or so to be picked up by the side bar Diary summary.

  2. Could you confirm whether it is Phoenix playing at Otford fete on 27th May or the Concert band? On the list of dates it says one and on the side bar/calendar it says the other? Or did I miss something? thanks

  3. You have to click on the word “here” where it says “Term dates for Spring and Summer 2017 are now available here.” Trust you, Jack 😉

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