Minims is our beginner band for young people learning to play a musical instrument. We currently have one flute, one recorder, one trumpet, one tuba and three alto saxophones.

Minims is a great opportunity for our youngest members to learn how to play together in a band. Our conductor introduces them to the basics of music and gives them the experience they will need to progress to more senior bands. He often uses food metaphors to describe different ways of playing, so get ready to learn how to play like sausages, toothpaste and baked beans!

2 Recorder

Most of our players are working towards Grade 1 but complete beginners –provided they can play a scale- are welcome too! There is no upper or lower age limit but most players are aged 8-11.

Some members of our senior bands kindly help and encourage our Minims during rehearsals and often provide accompaniment during performances.

Conductor: Duncan Dwinell                            Rehearsals: Saturday 9.00am-9.45am

Here are our current seven members doing a great job at our Christmas 2018 concert:

Beautiful Blue Danube

Maiden Most Gentle

Eynsford Castle (with additional percussion by smaller members of the audience!)

O Come All Ye Good Christian Men