Instrument Hire

Here at DVYM we have our own stock of band instruments, which we are happy to hire out at a very competitive rate: As a non-profit organisation we only need to charge enough to cover regular service. For only £20 a term, you can take home any one of our instruments (except our saxes which are £25 a term).

We encourage anyone who hires one of our instruments to attend at least one of our bands. If you would like to hire one of our instruments then please send us a message.

The instruments which are usually available for hire are:

  • Clarinets (x5)
  • Flutes (x1)
  • Alto Saxophones (x3)
  • Tenor Saxophones (x1)
  • Oboes (x2)
  • Trumpets (x3)
  • Tenor Horns (x3)
  • Baritone Horns (x2)
  • French Horns (x2)
  • Trombones (x2)

If you would like to hire an instrument that is not listed above or is currently in use then we thoroughly recommend getting in touch with Guy Saunders of Saunders Music in Sevenoaks. He has lots of instruments available including some more uncommon ones which we don’t have. You can ring him on 01732 740755 or email on



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