Instrument Hire Agreement

I understand that:

  •             A late start in the first term counts as a full term for the purposes of calculating hire charges.
  •             Refunds will not be made for an unexpired period of hire.
  •             Charges will continue until the instrument is returned to Darent Valley Youth Music.

After one year’s hire of an instrument, the student will be expected to join one of the bands if they wish to continue hiring.

I agree to:

  1. Arrange insurance for the instrument hired against loss or damage under an ‘All Risks’ policy for the value stated on the hire agreement. (Basic cover can often be obtained by extending the ‘All Risks’ section of your household insurance).
  2. Maintain the instrument and any subsequent replacements in good condition.
  3. Contact DVYM immediately in the event of damage to the instrument.
  4. Return the instrument to DVYM for repair.

(No refunds will be made in respect of repairs undertaken privately. Please do not attempt DIY repairs.)

  1. Pay for any repairs deemed necessary by Darent Valley Youth Music, in the event of damage to the instrument.
  2. Pay the full cost of replacement in the event of loss or irreparable damage to the instrument.
  3. Pay all hire charges until I return the instrument to DVYM.
  4. Immediately return to Darent Valley Youth Music, an instrument which is no longer required.
  5. Return the instrument to DVYM at the end of a term if requested so to do, or pay the cost of replacement.

I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of DVYM instrument hire in accordance with the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Data Protection Act

Darent Valley Youth Music is required by the GDPR regulations 2018 to obtain your “Consent” to hold your current personal details on our database.

Darent Valley Youth Music processes the personal data provided on this registration form and will use it solely for the purpose of communication. This includes the organisation of ensembles, concerts, tours, bursaries and the hire or sale of musical instruments by DVYM. This information will not be made available to any third party. DVYM retains this personal data after the student has cancelled the contract (for renewals or future agreements). You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting the Chair of DVYM directly or by leaving a comment on the Contact form which can be found under the ‘Join Us’ tab at Please be aware that by doing this you will be cancelling the contract and the hired item will need to be returned to DVYM.  If you wish to make a complaint regarding this organisation then contact Sheila Heffernan at  or by telephone on 07769 255123

English Law governs this agreement- sign it only if you wish to be bound by its terms. For a short time, you have the right to cancel under the provisions of The Consumer Protection (distance selling) Regulations 2000 and, if you pay by instalments, the Consumer Credit Act 1974.